Once upon a time in fairy tales and lullabies

They warned us about the Devil in disguise

Someone once said evil lives in the woods

Evil lives in the woods

So, boy! You’d better be good

Or else they come from the woods

The darkness falls under the stars so bright

Ghost stories told to give children fright

Something is crawling from out of the woods

From out of the woods

Oh, lord! I know it ain’t good

When they come from the woods

Shadows dance – They’re on my bedroom wall

They point and laugh – Into my mind they crawl

Something is creeping under my skin

Oh, under my skin

Eerie voices saying, ”Let it begin”

Let evil in

The owls howl out – Into the dark of night

The moon is gone so there will be no light

Something is growing under my skin

Down under my skin

Feeding on pleasure and sin

Let the Devil in

The dawn is here – A morning with U

A blood red sun – Evil eyes are blue

Something’s wrong with the world we knew

Paradise lost and innocence too

Someone once said that they came from the woods

Evil came from the woods

The Devil came to deliver the goods

Oh, they came from the woods