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Five years ago they tore their broken hearts out with their album “The Broken Hearted Show” and then they spread their dark stories all over the world.

After a couple of years in seclusion in the woods they’re now finally back with magnificent news.

Tall Tales & Scary Stories is an album with songs about darkness, evil, mental illness and other strange tales. The album is called “Tall Tales & Scary Stories” and was recorded at Sunlight Studios with the legendary Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, The Hellacopters and many more) as producer.

It’s a thrilling journey through stories and genres with the only the darkness to guide you!

Don’t miss a step in this dangerous tango – Buy it now!

The Magnificent Seven took their first steps in 2003. Upon releasing their 2006 EP “A Salesman of Death”, the band got great reviews and started to find their own sound.

“-If you’re planning a ball that is to be held in a ghost-town there’s a perfect soundtrack for you:
‘A Salesman of Death’ by The Magnificent Seven.” Sepiachord.com

With their EP “Welcome to the Broken-Hearted Show”, released in 2008, the band had reached a new level in their quest to find their own unique sound. Dark, twisted lyrics about wolves, the Devil and death accompanied by bittersweet string arrangements and haunting sing-a-long choruses.

Their sound has sometimes been described as dark cabaret, eerie melancholic folk music, and sinister circus or as Myspace Sweden said; “The Magnificent Seven’s matchless sound is a blend of perfect pop melodies, cabaret and French chansons.”

During 2008 they also got all sorts of attention from media both in Sweden and abroad. They got rewarded by Myspace Sweden as one of Sweden’s hottest new acts and also got named ”Band of the week” in local radio. They also got good reviews in music blogs all over the world and had their songs played in radio in Sweden, Serbia, Holland, Great Britain and USA.

In 2008 and 2009 the band played a lot of live shows and that’s where the band really comes alive. With their acoustic instruments, dynamic sound and punk energy they can mesmerize and entertain the crowd at both theatres and noisy rock clubs.

In the beginning of 2009 the band entered Studio Cobra in Stockholm to record their debut album ”The Broken Hearted Show” that was released on October 31st 2010.

The album was recorded and produced by Christian Gabel, known from his own project 1900 and for his drumming with Thåström, Ossler and bob hund. Then the album was mastered in California by Martin Irigoyen from Vernian Process.

The album got some great reviews and here’s some of them

“Sweden’s The Magnificent Seven were one of the first “new” bands I discovered when Sepiachord went live over four years ago. They were, in effect, exactly what I was looking for.

The Magnificent Seven take “old timey” music and stand it on its head and SHAKE until strange and wondrous things rain from history’s pockets. Bits of blues, waltz, tango, americana, folk, cabaret and rock littered the ground like broken teeth and broken glass.

From these bits of musical detritus/shrapnel The Magificent Seven made a golem of sound. A shadowy, haunted take on pre-modern song arrangement that twists americana into a retro-fitted world music and dissects the Grand Guignol into cabaret macabre where suicide may actually become art. Then they’re wily enough to add just enough rock to give their songs bite.

“The Broken Hearted Show” is beautiful and sad, tragic and multi-faceted. It is old and markedly contemporary. It’s wonderful and exactly what I’ve been looking forward.

Highly Recommended.”

Jordan Block – Sepiachord

“Materialet är välskrivet och melodierna är sylvassa, inte minst i videospåret ”The killer” där det känns som att någon andas en i nacken. ”The stand-up tragedian” är en annan höjdpunkt, en stukad valsmelodi som bjuder på fjäderlätta Twin Peaks-gitarrer och en blåssektion som skulle kunnat vara hämtad från vilken spaghettiwestern som helst.”

Daniel Josefsson – Kulturdelen

Since the release of “The Broken Hearted Show” the band has played several live shows and during the years they have shared the stage with great bands like Peter Murphy’s Carver Combo, Geoff Berner, The Burning Hell, Mohlavyr and they also been on tour with the danes in Kabaret Sybarit

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The Broken Hearted Show – 2010
Tall Tales & Scary Stories – 2015


A Sepiachord Passport – 2010

The album features “The Last Waltz” by The Magnificent Seven

Steampunk, Vol. 1: The Soundtrack to G.D. Falksen’s Novel The Hellfire Chronicles: Blood in the Skies

The album features “The Killer” by The Magnificent Seven